Monday, May 30, 2016

In between two worlds.

Source: Etsy

I have dreams.
Aspirations if you call it.
Maybe one too many.

What do you do, 
when you have no idea what else to do? 
Or even where to go?

I'm searching for a place.
I'm searching for answers.
I'm searching for myself.

It's easy to give up.
And run away.
Hide from reality.
From the harsh truth you can't face.
If only.

It's tearing me apart.
I fear the consequences of dreaming too big.
Of aiming too high.
Fear of failing.
Yourself and others.

Even though failure is a lesson learnt.
A necessity to thrive.
We all wish to avoid it.
Always hoping for the best.

But you see, hope is on one wing,
Fear on the other.
Life is a balance.
Like a bird.

The problem is knowing how to fly.
And fly in the right direction.

So help me fly,
and fly high, my Lord.
Only You can set me free.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Where do I even begin?


Sometimes you have so much to say,

but all that comes out are tears.


This life.

is so full of disappointments.


We can have so many people in our lives.

Yet we can feel so alone.


No one except you, Ya Allah.

Who hears, sees and knows it all.


I wish I could ask you,

"Are you pleased with me?"


But why?

When I'm not even pleased with myself.


I don't have a friend to talk to.

Except You.


So please, oh Allah, don't ever let me go.

Or I will have no one to turn to.


Only then, I will feel so alone.

Because no one understands me,

Better than You.