Sunday, February 28, 2016

5 years and counting

Today, The Man and I turned 5 alhamdulilah. It has been an indescribable journey full of laughter, tears, happiness, heartbreak, hope, fear, disappointments, patience, love, and compromise. Our marriage isn't perfect. He isn't perfect. Neither am I. These last few years were like a rollercoaster ride; its unpredictable. But you know what, I love the thrill. I love that I am not alone on this ride. I'm on it with him. We are on it together, whether its going up or down and that's what matters most.

Since we don't celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, we have no reason to go out of our way to make that extra effort to show our appreciation to our loved ones on special occasions. But this time around, I felt the need to express my gratitude and appreciation because sometimes we forget about the little things. Because sometimes they need to know how we feel. Because sometimes it's necessary to show someone that what they've done hasn't gone unnoticed. That we do truly appreciate the little things they do. The everyday things. Too often we focus on our spouse's flaws and imperfections. I could list so many things I wish were different. But what benefit will that do? 


Let's focus on the good.

So today I wrote a list of 50 things I loved about him. To be honest, it wasn't easy writing that list. I had to step back to think of the little things that I take for granted each and every day and be grateful for them. It made me appreciate His blessings and the gift He has granted me. And I need to remember that just as He can easily grant me a gift, He can take them away whenever He pleases. The latter is the most important part life that we tend to forget; and it causes us the most pain.

Today, I am remembering the good.

I will do so tomorrow and the next day and so on. There will be days when I will forget. So my Lord, please forgive me when I do and help me to remember them often. 

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