Sunday, January 11, 2015

Expectations of a Superwoman

Honestly, we women are expected to do more than what we are capable of. Sure, some women have the ability to achieve all that but then there are others who struggle to balance everything, like myself.

We are meant to be the backbone of our husbands. The ones who are constantly supporting them, encouraging them, in other words "nagging" them and all at the same time trying to keep the household under control and not forgetting ourselves in the process.

If we are single, we get asked if we are married.
If we are married, we get asked if we are trying to have children.
If we have a child, we get asked when the next one will be.
If we are not working, we get asked if we are planning to go back or if we are studying.
If we are doing all that and being a single parent at the same time, we get asked how we do it.

So, how DO we do it? 
You know what, sometimes we don't. Sometimes we just can't cope with the burden of it all. Sometimes we just need a break. Sometimes and most times, we crash and burn. We have too much on our minds. Minds that are constantly filled with the past, present, future, the what-ifs, the whys and the maybes.

But you know what's encouraging?
Knowing that the best of men are a result of the best of women. And the best of Men was our Prophet (peace be upon him) and his wife was Khadija (ra).

I am nowhere near the best of women. 
But I'd like to try. 
And so I will.

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