Monday, September 8, 2014

the problem with our hearts

is that we're insincere. but pretend to be sincere.

we're quick to judge others. not ourselves.

we think we are better than some. even the ones we look up to.

we lack knowledge. but act like we have it.

we all have pride. in one way or another.

we are afraid to lose. always wanting to be right.

we think we have power, even if a little.

we make promises. and break them.

we hate disappointment. yet, we disappoint.

we like praise. and love attention.

The problem with our hearts is that we are too busy with other things. Too busy with other people than ourselves and our Almighty Creator. We are too busy thinking and not doing. Too busy talking and not walking. The problem lies within ourselves. It starts with us. Our dream of achieving so much, yet doing so little. We all have a problem with our hearts, however big or small. Until the day we part from this dunya, we will always be having this problem. A heart that needs to be cleansed if not every day, every minute, every second we are alive. A heart that will keep being stained with black spots for every evil thought, for every little and big sin, for every lie, for every hurtful words. A heart that needs to be reconnected with its Creator at least five times a day. A heart that is in dire need of forgiveness and mercy. 

Be the person who's worried about the sincerity of his heart and not others. Be the person who constantly turns back to Allah and repent. Be the person who's always asking for forgiveness from Allah. Be the person who no longer cares about what others think, except Allah. Be the person who regularly cleans and purifies their hearts. Be the person who stays true to themselves and what they believe in. Be the person whom Allah (swt) is pleased with. 

I am trying to be that person. 
Oh Allah, help me get there. 


  1. SubhanAllah .. : ( So true'' we are too busy with other things..''..May Allah allow us to be that kind of person he is pleased with.ameen.

  2. MashaAllah, really beautiful words, so true and inspiring. xx