Saturday, September 21, 2013

That feeling when all you want to do is bow down and cry.

That feeling when you're feeling so overwhelmed with life that you just can't take any more.

That feeling when you feel like a failure because you're so close to giving up.

That feeling when you just want to be by yourself and let the tears flow by.

That feeling when you feel like you have no one else to depend on except Allah (swt).

That feeling when all you have is Allah (swt) at the end of the day.

That feeling when you're trying your hardest not to break down in front of people.

That feeling when you tell yourself to be patient but what you really want to do is to scream your lungs out.

That feeling when you feel bad for the way you're acting because you can't hide your emotions very well.

That feeling when you start crying and stuttering in your prayers because Allah (swt) knows what you're going through and all you want to do is bow down and cry to Him.

That feeling when you're crying and reading Quran at the same time because you're talking to Him through His book and you know He will make you feel better.

That feeling when you lift your head up from sujood and feel a sense of peace like the burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

The feeling when you reach the end of the page and all of a sudden you're not so upset anymore.

That feeling is a mercy from Allah (swt).

That love.

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  1. Beautiful combinations of words. I really love it, ad it has so much meaning :)