Monday, March 11, 2013

Dunya Vs Akhira

Which one would you choose?

You'd automatically choose the latter, right? But the reality is that most of us, without realising it, are choosing the former. We are choosing this life because we are in it right now. This is where we stand and we are comfortable here. Sure, we may do a little bit for our hereafter, maybe pray 5 times a day, give some charity here and there, read a little bit of Quran, listen to a few lectures, do a couple of sunnah/nawafil acts and we think it is enough. How can we say we are choosing the Akhira when our minds are constantly occupied with the luxuries of this life. We spend more time in the day thinking about things we shouldn't be. And I speak for myself first.

Right now, I am stuck in between two. Allah (The Exalted) is laying out the path in front of me with Akhira on the right hand and Dunya on the left and He is telling me: Choose. He knows of my dreams and He is testing me to see which one I'd choose, which one is more important to me. I have a dream in Dunya and Akhira and both I am so passionate for. Obviously, being human (especially women), we sometimes get carried away thinking about our dreams and the future. Oh, we love thinking about what the future will bring and how we exactly we want it to turn out.

If I choose my dream in this life, I will be happy, yes, but there will be a part of me that will be missing. If I choose to pursue for the next life, I will be a little heart broken but I know that feeling will eventually disappear and my heart will be contented. Either way, I have to make a big sacrifice...and I'm just afraid to take that step as I don't know what to expect. That's how we're always living in this life, isn't it? Forever facing the unexpected. It's how you respond that can change your whole life. I think I need to remind myself that Allah (swt) is indeed the Best of all Planners and our plans and dreams will never be able to compare to what He has in store for us. I like to believe that He has something greater planned for me and that I am Muslim for a reason. Let's hope it is for a good reason at that.


  1. Beautiful words.
    It's a difficult choice, not because we don't know what to choose but because we know it, we know what we have to choose, what will be better fur us but we don't what to see it because it's far from us.
    InshaAllah with the help of Allah we will choose, every day, in every action we make, the Akhira.

  2. As Salamualaikum sis,

    Silent reader here, but i felt the need to comment! Subanaallah it's like you were speaking about me! I had the same struggle... choose career/dreams, which would throw me off from my purpose, or at least distract me a lot. Or chose my purpose (Worshiping Allah as he should be. Now this dream could be a reality in some ways, but not the way *I* wanted it. Then I realized... it's just not worth it.truthfully we don't have to make a choice because like you said choosing the aakhirah is always gonna give you peace. And by chosing the straight path, Allah will provide you with sustenance in this life, and a even BETTER reality(not dream) in the next!

    Subanallahi wa bi Hamdi!
    Umm Talha