Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Internet: Friend or Foe?

We all have a type of disease in our hearts. It's known as an addiction. For some, it may be excessive use of something good to the extent that it starts to harm their soul/body; whilst others are addicted to things that are already detrimental to our physical and mental well-being in the first place. In both cases, this addiction becomes unlawful for us to consume. 

Of course, anything is good if it is used in moderation, exceptions given to that which has already been classified as forbidden. It is easy to put in words what we can or cannot do but harder to implement it in our daily lives. Some find it hard to give up things that others might not even think twice about. We all have our own little addiction that we are trying to overcome. May Allah (swt) make it easy for us, ameen.

Here is my story.

My name is 'All My Wonders'* and I am addicted to the internet. 
I am on it after I wake up and before I sleep.
You will usually find me on the net if I'm not occupied doing housework and/or other things. 
When I click on the browser, it is almost always the same webpages that I open. 
Most of these websites relate to the dunya, some about the hereafter.
But majority of my time is wasted on the former. 
I am in a constant battle with my nafs (desires).
I hate myself for it yet I can't help but give in.
Oh Allah, I know you don't change a condition of a people until they change that within themselves first.
Help me find a way to do so. And then help me with it. 
I feel like a failure and a weak believer for letting my desires take over. 
Someone once said, 'If you want to know where your heart is.. Look where your mind wanders.'
I don't like what this addiction is doing to my heart. I don't like what it's doing to my mind.
It controls my life. Help me stop it.
I miss you, oh Allah. I miss the Quran in my heart. I miss your words and your remembrance.
Help me be strong to manage my time and overcome diseases of the heart.
Purify my heart and my soul.
Let me live my life for Your sake and allow me to attain Your Pleasure and Your Paradise.

Ameen thumma ameen.

*blog name

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nikah 27.02.2011

Never too late for this.

Jump to my sister's blog 'In My Studio' for the rest of the details + pictures.

I love you sis.
Thank you for everything.

Friday, December 2, 2011

A letter to Dr Al-Turki

The Brother my Man has been conversing lately regarding Hajj asked us if we were interested to go for Umrah seeing as we didn't make it for Hajj. Yah of course!! Who wouldn't want to go?! He advised us that it would be a special invitation from the Muslim World League - man, we were ecstatic! ...However, when he got in touch with the Saudi officials about it, they didn't seem to be very keen on the idea. They told us to write them a short letter explaining our situation so here's what I wrote:

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdelmohsin Al-Turki
Secretary-General of Muslim World League

29th November 2011

Bismillahi rahmani rahim

Dear Brother Dr Turki,

I pray to Allah (swt) that this letter reaches you in good health and emaan. I write to you with a kind request in hopes of your generosity and approval.

My name is xxxx, born on the 23rd May 1978, currently residing in Melbourne, Australia with my wife, xxxx (25th July 1990). I am an Italian revert of 11 years alhamdulilah. Due to the mercy of Allah (swt), He chose to guide me to Islam having been a non-practicing Christian at the time. I recently got married earlier this year to a Malaysian sister who has also turned back onto the straight path of Al-Islam not long ago, alhamdulilah.

As you may be aware, we both applied for Hajj 1432 through the Muslim World League via Brother Saad (may Allah (swt) reward him). Initially, the brother informed us that our chance of getting accepted was very likely. Nevertheless, Allah (swt) had better plans for us and thus, we weren’t invited to see the house of Allah last year. We hope that perhaps a sponsored trip to perform Umrah would be part of Allah’s greater plans. It would definitely be a dream to go for Umrah and Hajj, seeing as we both are not financially capable to do so ourselves. Hence, we would be forever grateful and highly appreciative if you, on behalf of the Muslim World League, were to invite us.

I end my letter leaving my full trust in The Al-Mighty with certainty that He will grant us what is best in this life and the next, as He is The All-Knower, All-Wise.

Jazakum Allahu khayran.

Yours sincerely,


I felt that I could've done a better job ending the letter but it was late, I was getting tired and I needed to send it in that night. Khayr, nothing much we can do now but wait.

In Allah I trust.