Monday, December 20, 2010

this is it.

I made my decision.

Are you ready?

Turns out I was right all along.

I made istikhara again and got my answer two days after my last post. But I wanted some time to reassure myself.

Now I am confident I want to spend the rest of my life with this man. this beautiful, humble man. I just know that it is right. I want to go through trials and hardships with him. I want to enjoy life with him. I want to live life with him. I want to worship Allah (swt) together with him. Even with all the concerns my family have, I know that he will be good for me, in this life and in the hereafter. We both feel the same way and we truly believe that this is all from Allah (swt). SubhanAllah, I honestly do not deserve a man with that kind of character after all the things I've done in the past. Allah (swt) is so Merciful, so Generous. He may not be rich, but he has a good heart and I rather he lack in other areas than in his deen and character. I know that he is my test in this dunya. Life won't be easy after marriage, for sure. But I am willing to take that chance and work things out together with patience and sincerity. 

My parents are finding it hard to accept my decision. InshaAllah with time, they will come around. I'm making lots of dua for Allah (swt) to make it easy for us to unite in marriage, if we are indeed good for each other. 

Thank you all for your support. MashaAllah I truly treasure all of you.
JazakAllahu khairun.


  1. Oh my..
    ..Mashallah. Mashallah. Mashallah.

    May Allah make this path an easy one for you and may he bless your marriage.
    ..May it be everything you have ever wanted and more :)

    Oh and about the family concerns, as a good friend once told me, your family have what they think are your best interests at heart but sometimes your heart wants something they wont understand and it wont be them living with him; its gonna be you, if your sure and your happy, then dont fight it but let it be..
    ..and inshallah everyhting will be fine.

    I am so happy for you.

  2. Mashallah! May Allah bless your marriage with love and mercy! Ameen!!! Congrats, Fizzieeee!!!! Xoxoxoxo. =)

  3. I hope everything works out well for you sis. If your hearts are in the right place then He will unite you in matrimony inshaAllah! =)

    Do continue to make dua because it's challenging when parents don't completely approve. If this man is truly good then I pray that your parents' hearts will open up.

  4. ALhumdulillah and mabrook, Allah knows best and I hope that it all works out for you, inshallah. May your parents be okay with your decision, over time.

  5. Good men are for good women....and vice versa.

    I ask Allah to tie you both with the knots of love,peace,harmony and happiness.

    Mabrook and barakallah!!!

  6. Mashallah! Congratulations! Mabrook! Ameen to all the dua's. may Allah bless your union. Ameen

  7. JazakAllahu khairun all.
    I really appreciate your kind thoughts.
    May Allah swt be pleased with you.


  8. assalamu alikum sister,

    jazakallah khair for your comment on my blog. I will certainly add you to my blogroll and come by often :)

    Sister, I'd like to give you advice heart to heart and this is truly from my heart because 2 years ago I was in the same situation as you are now. I was so torn and confused as to what I should do because there was this potential br who I was so certain should/would be my husband but my parents/family werent too happy about it. There were dead set against it and subhanallah something kept nagging at me that this is it. And with everything I had, I went for it. It was the hardest decision I had made and definetly the most heartbreaking thing I had to do with my family but walahi it has been the best. Our 2 yr anniversary is coming up in a month inshallah and it has been amazing. I married my husband for who he is and I left my house with two bags of clothes. That's it. Subhanallah, now we have our own apt, cars, jobs and etc. It definitely was a struggle in the beginning, but I just knew this is who I wanted to be with and there was no other way around it. Alhumdullilah, now my parents have accepted it and really love and respect my husband. So inshallah sister, I hope you find the strength and courage to do whats right. It will be difficult but once you get over that, you will know you've done the right thing if you've done istikarah and followed your heart.

    I pray that inshallah Allah swt will reward you with a righteous and pious husband who will treat you right and lead you towards jannah. May Allah swt make it easy for you. Ameen.

    I am here if you ever need someone to speak to personally anytime of the day and night. I do not like typing too many details of my life so openly on the internet, but if you would like to talk privately we can further discuss inshallah because sometimes it helps to talk to someone who's been there in that situation.

    Take care.
    Much Love!

  9. MashAllah! Congratulations sis! :D Thats really awesome, alhamdulilah.
    I hope everything works out for, inshAllah khair :)
    Lots of prayers and smiles,
    Stay smiling! )

  10. Subhanallah sister, I've followed your blog for a while then when today I arrive in this post.. I feel.. alhamdulillah! I hope you and him can lead a life that will be blessed in this life and the hereafter.


  11. Masha Allah I wish you both a happy and blessed marriage. You are a brave person and I pray that you will continue this way despite the troubles you'll face in the future...when you put your trust in Allah and do something for His Sake He will NEVER let you down. :-)