Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Dua List.

I apologise for the lack of posts. I have been terribly busy lately. The past few weeks have gone by like lightning.

I have missed you, really. I miss your sweet comforting words. Your encouraging words. Your support. Your loyalty. Your honesty. Your sincere advices. Your unique personality. Your excitement. You.

So inshaAllah next month I will be having a give-away. Why? Because it will be Eid in September...and also it will mark my one year on Blogger. And also because I'm nice like that. I find joy in giving. Let me tell you of all the years I have spent blogging (started on Diaryland then Livejournal and now Blogger), this blog has had the most impact on my life. I feel like I have come a long way since I started last year. Yes, it has been an emotional ride....but it's made me who I am today. Sorrow, heartbreak, anger, frustration, love, mercy, happiness...are all a part of life. And this is my life. This is me.

 I haven't exactly decided what, when, how many or to whom. But I know I want to do something special for you. Could be something bought. Or something made. It's a surprise. Keep a look-out.

Since it's Ramadan, I have decided to make a list of things to ask Allah (swt) so that I know what to make say when I break fast. And also so I don't forget. If there are anything you think I need to include on this list,  please feel free to leave a comment. ;)

My Dua List
Forgiveness for my major and minor sins.
Increase/strengthen my memory and faith
Bring me closer to Him and to the Ummah.
Bring the Ummah in unity.
Grant me a place in Jannah.
Protection from the Hellfire.
Protection from Shaytan and Shirik.
Guide my friends and family. Show them the straight path.
Personal Duas for family.
Grant me good in this life and in the hereafter.
Forgive our Brothers and Sisters in Islam and accept their Duas.
Grant me a righteous/loving Husband who will be good for my life, my religion, my hereafter.
Make it easy for me to do Dunya tasks like Uni/work so that I can spend my time worshipping You.
Bless all the things that I choose to do in Your path and make it a success.
Grant me trustworthy/righteous female companions.
Preserve our Sheikhs/Imams in Islam.
Answer the Duas of those oppressed and grant them the best in Jannah.
Protect me from all evil.
Protect my ears, eyes, nose and hands from evil.
Give me light, front, back, side, light.
Provide for me light in the Grave.
Allow me to die as a Muslim with La ilaha ilallah on my tongue just before my life is taken.
Bless those all around me, Bless all the Muslims I've spoken to in my life, Bless them with goodness.
Give me good health, prolong my health so that I can spend the years worshipping you, so that I can pray before you. But give me death, if death is good for me.
Grant me patience and wisdom when making Da'wah.
Forgive us for all our shortcomings and insufficiencies in our good deeds..
Accept our prayers and disregard our mistakes and wrongdoings.

...there's just so many things we need from Allah. The Dua list never ends.
Don't stop making Dua.

Ramadan Mubarak!