Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dawah for life.

You see, it's Winter time down under. It's getting colder and colder by day (although our winter weather is probably nothing compared to the US or Canada). As we (my Dad and I) were driving to pick my sis up for lunch yesterday, I noticed that the windows started fogging up in the car and so I decided to do some Dawah. This was what I wrote on the windscreen so that others could see:

"Peace be upon Muhammad"


"Smiling is Charity"

I've realised that we make dawah in everything that we do. Especially for us women, the Hijab that we wear speaks on behalf of our Deen. We are immediately recognised as Muslims the moment we step outside with a  scarf over our heads. So how are you portraying your religion? How is your character? How is your speech? How is your body language? Do you smile just for the sake of smiling? Or is it your dull, lifeless face that people see? When was the last time you said "Assalamu 'alaikum" to a stranger? When you walk past another Muslim woman, do you pass by her as though she is just another human being or do you acknowledge that she is your Sister in Islam? I can't find the hadith but I think the Prophet (saw) said something along these lines: "There will come a time when Muslims will say Salam only to those whom they know." Be not people like this. It makes me so sad when I see so many Muslim women in the West walk around with sour faces. They're just so unfriendly, it puts you off. You get intimidated by them. Why then do you think the West have such negative conceptions about Muslims? 

We learn off each other. We imitate others who are closer to Allah than us. Be the best so that others follow your footsteps. Associate yourself with good Muslims who will help you become a better person, those who have good manners. That will definitely have a positive effect on you. You'll find that you will adopt their traits and habits. A friend of mine carries the pocket Quran with her everywhere she goes. I would always see her reading it. Because I admired her for that, I decided to get one for myself too. I feel like people waste too much time, especially waiting time. So why not get yourself a pocket Quran and read it when you're on the tram or when you're waiting somewhere while everyone else is daydreaming and looking out the window. Time is so precious. On the Day of Judgement, the only thing the people of Paradise will regret is the time they have spent not thinking of Allah. (Read/heard this somewhere...I just can't find the source.) There's so much reward in everything we do, why don't we do them?

*Sorry if I sound harsh. I'm really a nice person. *smileee* I met a fellow blogger over the weekend. Brave Chickens, back me up here! 


  1. Totally agree m'dear. Living in a non-Muslim country can make one forget the important basics...although I'm sure it happens in Muslim countries too...being efficient with our time is so important. And the Dawah aspect - I remember hearing someone say to me; "On the Day of Judgement, your friends from uni and from work, they'll tell Allah (SWT), 'We didn't know about Islam', and Allah (SWT) will ask YOU, 'Why didn't you tell them about the beauty of Islam?'"

    sA, I forget that we have such a huge responsibility to those around us...Jazaks for the reminder :) x x

  2. Salaam,

    All very true. I always give salaams to the Muslim sisters who pass me by, and even the occasional brother if we know each other through, or are in a professional/school setting.

    A small smile and friendly salaam can make all the difference when one is having a not so great day. =)

  3. a very nice idea of dawah, i really dont think that this is alone in the west that muslim women pass each other and they dont even greet or smile, good idea of a pocket quran too, may Allah maintain your imaan rush

  4. I WISH I could give Salaam to the Muslims I see but it's kinda scary if they either ignore you or give you a mean look.
    Meh, what a lame reason I have :/

  5. I know...sometimes I'm afraid to say too when they look angry but I always think of this:

    A quote from Imam Siraj Wahhaj (hafidhahullah):

    “Always remember the ayah ‘Whenever you are greeted by a greeting, then return it. Give one better than it or at least return it.’ It is a commandment from Allah, so how dare you give a bad response, a bad salam. The Prophet told the sahaba that Allah will give a greater reward to the person who greets their Muslim brother or sister first. When the sahaba heard that, you would think they would rush to do it first, but no, they did the opposite because each one wanted their brother to get the greater reward. They would wait for their brother or sister to say it first. That is how deep their iman was. SubhanAllah.”

    Even if you give salam and they don't reply, the Angels will reply. (I think)...but yeah, and you feel so good being the first to give salam.

  6. Oh yes, I did see you last weekend, yay! (sorry, I forgot to back you up :P )

    And thank you :) I'll try to keep it in mind (that no matter what, Allah SWT knows and you'll get reward, so don't care if the person is ignoring/etc... you).

    I'll start off with the older ladies...they always seem so nice :) [geez, I sound weird, lol, now I'm rambling... :S ]