Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it just me or...

Does your heart sometimes get "clouded" too?

SubhanAllah, I was just listening to a lecture in the car on the way home about less than an hour ago...and it's so true. When we watch TV, or do things that distract us from our deen, it clouds our hearts. It blackens our hearts. It becomes a distraction to everything we do. Like when we want to pray, we are praying...but our minds and hearts are thinking about something else. We dont want it to be there, we dont want it, we want to concentrate as much as we can on our Salah, we tell ourselves to Focus, you can do it, just focus, be closer to Allah. But your heart has been so tainted, even by the slightest sin that we dont have the connection anymore. We are rushing...we dont want to rush our prayer. But we do anyway. Then you just feel like the world is moving too fast, and you can't slow down. You want to slow down so bad but the Shaytan is stopping you from peace. A'oozubillahi minash Shaytan nirajeem.

And also, we say one thing but we do another. I feel like I keep putting things off. I have to learn to stop it. I have to learn to say 'No, I'll do it now, because I know if not, it will never be done.' or 'I'll definitely do it when I say I'll do it.' Procrastination is one of my biggest weaknesses. And I know that the Shaytan is using that against me. I have to fight it. I know I'm stronger than that. I want to do so many things, I want to achieve too many things...but I have such little time to do so. Sometimes I forget to just take things, one step at a time. There is no tomorrow, until tomorrow actually comes. That, I have to remember. So I have to focus on today.

Strive, girl, strive.

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  1. happens to everyone sis, mashaAllaah u r such a nice Muslimah, may Allaah bless us all, keep us on the straight path after we have been guided, annnnddddddd we have so much in common! like i am reading my own thoughts.. =D